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Marketing to Millennial & Gen Z Car Buyers

October 25, 2019

Marketing to the newest generations of car buyers will present some challenges to the status quo. Traditional sales pitches and promotions are not enough to motivate this group of savvy shoppers to make a purchase. Implement some of these changes and build a trusting relationship among millennials and Gen Z shoppers.

Is Your Dealership Eco Friendly?

October 23, 2019

Looking for a few ways to start greening your dealership or service center? Being more environmentally conscious does not have to be a large scale, expensive or time-consuming project.

Are You Using Routine Maintenance to Grow Your Business?

September 15, 2019

October is fall car care month, and coincidently the ideal time to encourage customers to come in for routine fall and winter maintenance. Depending on the region, winterizing cars can be a great way to increase your customer base while generating additional revenue, so encourage your staff to discuss it with customers when they come in. Also consider sending an email to your mailing list spelling out the advantages of seasonal car maintenance.

Here’s a few of the services to offer:

Attract New Customers to Your Dealership

August 19, 2019

You can have the most knowledgeable staff, best location and selection of any dealership in town, but if new customers are not coming in daily your business cannot continue to grow. Foot traffic may be ideal, but in the technology age where customers find everything they need online, your marketing strategy should incorporate a heavy digital presence.

Use some of these tactics to improve your marketing and attract new customers to your dealership.

There’s Been a Data Breach…Now What?

July 25, 2019

The days and weeks following a data breach are both stressful and overwhelming for a company. There is a lot to manage, and a small window of time to do so.

Take these proactive steps to minimize the damage and prevent the spread of viruses.

Protecting Your Company’s Data from Breach

June 23, 2019

Cybersecurity is a term on everyone’s radar, and for good reason. With new data breaches reported almost daily, the need to protect both proprietary data and personally identifiable information is great.

It may feel overwhelming, but with careful research, most managers can put a plan in place to greatly reduce the risk of external hacks and internal breaches.

Use Oil Changes to Generate Repeat Business

June 6, 2019

Dealerships and independent service shops know the difficulty and expense incurred acquiring new service customers. But most fail to realize that once you have a happy customer, it is easier and more cost effective to keep them coming back for service.

Preparing for an Active Shooter Event

May 14, 2019

Every organization should have thorough emergency preparedness plans to account for all relevant emergency situations that could arise. These include an earthquake preparedness plan if in a region that experiences earthquakes, or a tornado preparedness plan in regions that regularly experience tornadoes.

Read more for tips to prepare yourself and coworkers in the unlikely event of a workplace shooting.

Do You Know What to Do in the Event of a Tornado?

March 12, 2019

Tornadoes are a devastating force of nature known to cause serious injury, death and destruction of entire communities. You cannot control the weather, but as the saying goes, an ounce of preparation can save the lives of many.

Use these tips to help prepare your workplace in the event of a tornado.

Windshield & Auto Writer Marker Comparison Guide

February 27, 2019

Great American Automotive Products provides a wide variety of windshield and auto writer markers ideal for increasing productivity at body shops or advertising the current promotions and marketing messages at auto dealerships. Use this guide to select the markers suitable for your facility, and refer to the image for a detailed comparison of all available markers.