Reusable Balloon Light Pole Kit

Deliver maximum visibility from any angle - helium free balloons
Only $84.00 each
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  • Choose any 4-color combination YOU want!
  • UV-resistant vinyl doesn't fade--even bright red
  • Exclusive 3-month guarantee
  • Seamless construction won't leak or sag
Only $84.00 each

Create an eye-catching look by lining your lot with four-balloon light poles! Choose any four solid color vinyl balloons and be seen from any angle. These balloons tower over the ground to make your lot stand out! Plus, a great option if theft is common in your area (the height makes them harder to reach).

  • 17" diameter, 4 balloons
  • Long-lasting UV-resistant vinyl won't fade, discolor or become brittle even in cold weather
  • 40" each; durable, flexible fiberglass
  • 4 Brackets
  • 2 Metal Straps
  • 2-day delivery--order today, it ships today
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