Reusable Vinyl Balloon Clusters - Solid Colors

Provides plenty of eye-catching color to bring in new customers!
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As Low As $129.00 each
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  • Colorful combinations are impossible to ignore
  • UV-resistant vinyl doesn't fade--even bright red
  • Exclusive 3-month guarantee
  • Seamless construction won't leak or sag
As low as $129.00 each

Don't let customers pass you by! Multi color vinyl balloons clusters are high impact advertising tools when it comes to attracting attention. Choose from customer-proven combos for different times of the year. Affordable permanent balloons are dynamic advertising tools.

You can visibly see the higher quality as these balloons stay inflated longer than the competition and the color really lasts. These no-helium balloons inflate in seconds, then stay inflated for months. Our exclusive seamless construction eliminates leaks so balloons don't sag and stay inflated with no up-keep. And there's no expensive helium required. Exclusive theft-resistant locks secure vinyl balloons to stems to discourage stealing.

They reflect your community pride and welcome interested customers: "Boss was tired of paying for helium balloons for the holidays and sales so this was a perfect alternative as they are refillable." --Meridian Diamonds, Roswell, GA

  • 17" diameter
  • 5 balloons
  • Long-lasting UV-resistant vinyl won't fade, discolor or become brittle even in cold weather
  • 86" high (7' 1") for greater visibility; rust-proof anodized aluminum
  • 23 1/2" for in-ground stability; durable fiberglass
  • Durable, flexible fiberglass
  • Order today, it ships today!
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