Service Advisors, YOU are the face of your Service Department. YOU are the one person service customers tell their car troubles to, schedule service with, and receive explanations of work done, costs, and solutions.

What you say and do (and DON’T do) can turn someone who comes in once for a simple oil change into a lifetime service customer…or make them vow to never return. Try these Customer Service tips — they can make all the difference!

1. Answer the phone like a pro 

Speak clearly with a smile. “Hello, thank you for calling (your business’s name). This is (your name) your Service Advisor, how may I help you today?”

2. Be engaged & enthusiastic 

Treat every call like you just finished your second cup of coffee and picked up your first phone call. You’re interested! You’re helpful! You’re delighted to find solutions!

3. Get permission before putting a customer on hold 

Sure, the phone’s ringing off the hook but interrupting a customer with, “Hold please, click” is simply bad manners. Say, “Excuse me sir/ma’m, but may I put you on hold?” Then WAIT for them to say, “OK,” and you say, “Thank you.” Click.

4. Keep your callback promises 

Did you promise to have a diagnosis and cost by noon? Call back BEFORE noon, not one minute after. Don’t have the answer you promised? Call the customer anyway to explain why you don’t and when you’ll call back.

5. Let ‘em know their car’s ready 

Give a courtesy call when their car’s done. Remember — you’re their go-to guy. You want to close the loop, tell them, “problem solved,” and THANK them. Besides, you may not be available when they arrive.

6. Throw in some freebies 

Small courtesies cost little or nothing and make customers feel like a million bucks. Ask your technicians to check tire pressure; clean battery terminals; apply battery protectant, top off all fluids; point out things that need attention like tire or belt wear. And tell the customer your tech did these VIP services!

Can you guess the most common after-the-sale customer question? “How do I make calls with this danged Bluetooth?” Study up on your cars’ entertainment and electronic systems because you WILL be asked after the sale.

So, do your homework, invite communication, make a followup plan and stick to it…and get ready for sales well AFTER the initial sale!