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Vehicle Checkup Diagram Form

Visual references make repair urgency easy to understand.

Vehicle Checkup Diagram Inspection Form
Yellow portions of the diagram indicate a basic "Vehicle Checkup". Additional portions in gray expand it to a "Vehicle Checkup Plus" Inspection. (enlarge)
Product Specifications:
  • Available with or without personalization
  • Size: 11" w x 8 1/2" h
  • Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

Vehicle Checkup Diagram Form - 2 Part with Personalization

Item SKU#: GA37C

As low as $0.38 each!

  • Easy to understand, color coded format.
  • Includes your company contact information.

Vehicle Checkup Diagram Forms are a great sales tool for your Automotive Dealership or Independent Repair Shop! Easy-to-understand format eliminates customer perception of high pressure selling.

Recommended repairs are broken down into 3 color coded categories, by urgency:
1. Green - Checked and OK.
2. Yellow - Will need future attention.
3. Red - Requires immediate attention.

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